About All Precious Moments Figurines & Ornaments

Precious Moments History

The Precious Moments Figurines and Ornaments became an instant hit when they hit the shelves in the early 1980's. Consumers loved them for their whimsical art and their spiritual message. Each piece was designed to remind people of their faith and special moments they have in life. Over the years, the tradition of collecting and displaying the figurines has been passed down to the next generation. The annual Christmas ornaments usually consist of at least one animal ornament, a ball ornament, a first year Christmas ornament. Likewise there is also an annual Precious Moments dated Christmas Figurine. Cherish those you love and hold fast to your faith. Enjoy each precious moment.

Precious Moments Christmas Ornaments History

Precious Moments 2018 Christmas Ornament The annual 2018 Precious Moments Christmas ornament is a delight to look at and to share as a gift. I love the figurines too.

Over three decades ago, when Precious Moments creator, Sam Butcher started drawing adorable children with tear-drop eyes that he named Precious Moments, to give to family and friends as gifts.Precious Moments 2018 Penguin Christmas Ornament

Precious Moments 2018 Dog OrnamentIn 1978 twenty one original Precious Moments figurines debuted in the marketplace. The response was astonishing and people shared with Butcher how much they loved his Precious Moments figurines.

To date the Precious Moments collection has grown to thousands of pieces. With the most popular line being the Precious Moments Annual 2018 Dated Christmas Ornaments and Dated Figurine.Precious Moments 2018 Dated Ball Christmas Ornament

Precious Moments 2018 Cat OrnamentThis year's Precious Moments 2018 Dated Christmas Ornament is titled: Have a Magical Holiday Season. It features a girl holding a box snowflakes with the 2018 date on her scarf. Go to our Christmas Shop to Order this ornament and the other dated ornaments. When it comes to making Christmas Ornaments Precious Moments does it well.

Sam Butcher's simple idea of showcasing his faith started with his artwork and flourished into a business that creates ornaments and figurines loved around the world by those who have the same faith but also those who just love them message each piece speaks to those who receive them as a gift or for those who purchase them for themselves.